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Professional SEO Site Audit

Stephen Freelance team reviews your site’s current performance and compares it to industry benchmarks. Our team provides detailed reports to help you know the changes needed for your business to improve its ranking on SERPs.

We also provide actionable advice on fixing any issues we identify and improving your site’s performance. This includes suggestions for on-site improvements that will help convert visitors into customers.

Why You Need SEO Site Audit Services

SEO site audit shows how well your online presence relates to the best practices. An audit helps in creating and implementing an SEO plan. It points to specific issues affecting organic search performance. Our team provides comprehensive services that help to reveal:

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On-Page Issues

Some of the issues that an SEO audit can detect include:

  • Linking: Problematic external links to your site. We also help you add internal links to help your users better navigate your site.
  • Content: In SEO, content matters. We help you improve your website by generating keyword-centered content. However, you do not want to over-saturate the content with keywords, which can also hurt your ranking. During the site audit, we ensure the words read well and are natural. A site audit identifies duplicate content harming your ranking.
  • Meta Descriptions and Titles:We analyze all the website content to ensure the meta titles are between 35-70 characters and include relevant keywords. We also audit the meta description to include relevant CTA and ensure they are under 160 characters. Additionally, we lookout for missing meta tags to ensure they are included.
  • Headers:Headlines tell your users a lot about the page. We provide an audit to ensure all the headers include keywords and they provide relevant information.

Website Errors

Do you know technical errors also affect your ranking? SEO Audit assesses how well the search engine crawls on your website. Some of the technical SEO elements include:

  • Website Speed:Do you know how long it takes for your site to load? Google uses this information to provide a ranking. It prioritizes users’ experience above all things. Working with us will improve your site’s loading speed which relates to a good user experience.
  • Crawlability:It refers to how well the search engine crawls on your website. We will help you improve this by using the robots.txt file correctly, creating a dynamic sitemap, and having correct rel=noindex tags.
  • 404 errors, 301 and 302 redirects:You want to have very few redirects on your site. 404 errors should not even occur. Those errors lead to a bad user experience. We will audit your site to help you fix the issues and offer seamless UX.

Identify Competitor’s Strategy

Using SEO auditing tools, we will look at a competitor’s site giving insight into their strategy. We will learn their keywords rankings, SEO tactics, and backlinks to help you know how you can improve your business.

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